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Upcoming Events

Culture as a driving force for sustainability

You could call it a growing trend. But you could also call it a necessity. More and more actors from the cultural and creative sectors address sustainability and the fight against climate change in their daily work. 

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Berlin is getting ready for the 8th Annual EUSBSR Forum with PA CULTURE and HA Climate setting the focus on culture as a driving force for sustainability.

Awareness is raised that each sector of society needs to take responsibility for a more sustainable and ecologically conscious world. It doesn’t stop at the sectors however, as we cannot make progress by addressing these unique challenges alone and isolated. We need integrated approaches and it’s particularly the cultural and creative sectors, the horizontal binding force of our societies, that can provide the platform to discuss the influence of their activities as well as facilitate the cross-sectorial dialogue between artists, cultural practitioners as well as politicians, scientists, businessmen and -women and many more.

The Policy Area Culture and Horizontal Area Climate will set an example on June 14th during the 8th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR in Berlin. Both cultural practitioners, artists, scientists, politicians and stakeholders will discuss culture as the driving force for sustainability. In a recent interview with ARS BALTICA, Krista Kampus, Head of the Baltic 2030 Unit of the CBSS Secretariat and Coordinator of HA Climate said: "The majority of sectors, such as for example transport, are thinking sustainable development goals are all about the environment or development cooperation. Even in the cultural sector, people are not sure what their role in this can be. There’s a huge need (…) to make the people understand, that sustainable development goals are about absolutely everything.”

During the session, the participants thus discuss how the cultural and creative sectors can contribute to achieving the global sustainability & climate goals 2030 within the Baltic Sea Region and where there is potential to link up activities and support each other in achieving these goals. The seminar will provide space to contemplate, reflect on what has been done so far and to increase and nourish the dialogue about culture as the driving force for sustainability. 

Click here for the website of the 8th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR in Berlin.